Tie Domi best fights

If you know about hockey, then you know that Tie Domi was one of the NHL’s biggest enforcers. He was in a lot of great fights, but we’ve narrowed it down to five of his best for the purpose of this article. Each of these people is one of his rivals and he’s had multiple fights with each of them. Let’s go ahead and dive in.

1. Tie Domi vs Rob Ray

Date: Ongoing

Rob Ray was one of Tie Domi’s biggest rivals and they fought 13 different times. The first fight they ever had was on February 10, 1993. They exchanged words at the faceoff and started throwing fists just a few minutes into the first period. They were pretty even during almost every fight they were in, but some fights had clear winners. It was one of the biggest rivalries in NHL history and will be remembered for years to come.

2. Tie Domi vs Bob Probert

Date: February 9, 1992

Many people consider this fight to have ended in a draw because both fighters landed some fantastic blows. The fight happened about nine minutes into the 1st period and both players went right for it. The first few minutes of the fight look like it’s nothing but fists swinging, but they both held their own. At some point, Domi ended up ripping off Probert’s jersey, and the fight caused an all-out brawl between both teams.

3. Tie Domi vs Sandy McCarthy

Date: January 7, 1997

This is one of those fights where the other player got the best of Domi. It started about 38 seconds into the first quarter and didn’t seem like much but McCarthy quickly landed multiple blows. If you watch a video of this fight, it kind of looks like the two men are dancing in circles on the ice. Domi defended himself well, but McCarthy was able to land some pretty devastating hits.

4. Tie Domi vs Donald Brashear

Date: February 3, 1996

This game was going well, until 4:16 into the first period. While there were only a few blows thrown, Domi came out on top. He was able to get Brashear down to the ground and started to hit him until the refs pulled him off. Brashear’s jersey was almost torn off during the battle and both men were sent to the penalty box.

5. Tie Domi vs Mathew Barnaby

Date: November 19, 1996

Here’s another fight where Domi comes out on top and just plows through his opponent. Both players have an argument and decide it was time to fight. Domi starts throwing and landing blows, while Barnaby tries his best to cover his head. Domi goes down but gets back up and keeps firing blows. They make their way to center ice and both land a few more hits before ultimately being broken apart.

These are just a handful of his fights and there’s no shortage of others. There was even a time where he got into a fight with a fan. If you want to see more awesome fights, do a quick online search and check them out! You definitely won’t be disappointed.

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